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In the early half of the 20th century, the Gilmore Oil Company stood out among West Coast business and industry. Founded by dairy farmer turned oil tycoon A.F. Gilmore, Gilmore Oil Operated as the largest independent oil company until it was bought out by Mobil Oil in 1943.

During its years of operation, Gilmore Oil refined and distributed petroleum based products exclusively to the western United States. While favorably regarded for their clean gas and efficient stations, the Gilmore Oil Company was very much part of the daily lives of those that it marketed itself to, specifically those living in California. They sponsored racing, land and water speed records, traveling circus acts, lion farms, radio programs, a minor league baseball team, and even started their own bank. From a branding perspective Gilmore was a huge success, and they were looked upon as a hero company of the west coast.

Even after the company was dissolved in 1943, its presence can still be felt in and around Los Angeles, its city of origin. The Farmers Market at the Grove (founded by Gilmore) and the land that surrounds it are all a part of the rich history of a company that helped shape California in the early part of the 20th century. The historic Gilmore Station on Highland and Willoughby is one of the last physical remnants of Gilmore Oil.

This project is a proposal for the reclamation and reuse of the landmark Gilmore Staion at Highland and Willoughby in Hollywood California.
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As a tribute to the Gilmore Company the name of the complex is called The Lion, in reference to the Gilmore Lion logo. The intention of The Lion will be to create a new take on a classic Los Angeles icon.
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