Italian Heritage Resort:





Castles are reminders of who we are. Their enduring nature is a testament of our ability to create lasting structures that embody our history and values, yet their inevitable decay speaks to our vulnerability. This project attempts to bridge the gap existing between architecture and time.
Castle of Roccamandolfi

Site Plan

The Welcome center is situated in a grove of pine trees along the castle path. Its placement allows for the natural environment to permeate into the architecture. The welcome center provides front desk services for the resort, information for visitors to the castle, and a wine bar with indoor and outdoor seating. On the south side of the building, Views are directed out an expansive panoramic window towards the valley, while on the north side, the wrapped grove of trees faces up towards the castle.



The cabins are designed to be retreats of the soul and the mind of the traveler. Placed in the tree canopy, views are carefully curated to frame an experience that is outward looking in the physical sense, while also inward looking and self reflective.


In the Trees

At the highest point lie the lookouts. Extensions of the past translated with a contemporary vocabulary, the lookouts provide an opportunity to contemplate the coexistence of architecture of the past, present, and future.

Bridging History