Red Mountain


Icelandic Trekking Cabin





Red Mountain acts as a beacon for trekkers as they make their way along Iceland's Laugavegur trail

Form- The iconic triple peak forms of The Red Mountains reflect the landscape and act as both landmarks and destinations along Laugavegur.

Color - The deep red of the Red Mountains functions as a device for way finding, while also being symbolic of the fire that lives just beneath the surface of Iceland.

Site Relationship - The Red Mountains respect the landscape they are placed upon. Each cabin is elevated off the ground and placed on raised concrete footings to balance the structure on complex terrain.

Red Mountain Consists of 3 Pods

- The “Welcome Pod” is the zone where trekkers arrive, converse, gear up, or practice their climbing skills on the climbing wall.

- The “Sleeping Pod” houses 10 sleeping pads in a terraced configuration. Mattresses are stored below each sleeping platform. When removed, the empty space can be used as storage. When not used for sleeping, the elevated platforms function as a communal space for conversing, day planning, and eating.

- The “Facilities Pod” houses a water closet and small pantry with a large sink, cupboards for dried goods, and a hot plate for food prep.



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